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Wellness Institute – 1075 Leila Ave

  • Mondays: July 4 – August 22, 1:00-2:30pm
  • Thursdays: July 7 – August 25, 1:00-2:30pm

Reh-Fit Centre – 1390 Taylor Ave

  • Tuesdays: July 5 – August 23, 9:30-11:00am
  • Fridays: July 8 – August 26, 9:30-11:00am



    Nurses of Manitoba Renal Program – Candace

    Candace Mackay, Hemodialysis Nurse, Brandon Regional Health Centre, Brandon, MB

    “I started my nursing career in 2004 after completing the LPN program at ACC in Brandon. Choosing nursing seemed easy as I loved helping people and my sister had been nursing for several years and loved it.

    I started out working on a medical floor and stayed there for about nine years. I took the dialysis course and have been there almost three years. One of the biggest upsides of working in dialysis is the great patients that you really get to know and they get to know you. Plus having Sundays off is a real highlight for me. Read More…

      Nurses of Manitoba Renal Program – Marilyn

      Marilyn Muir, Community Dialysis Nurse, Local Renal Health Centre Program, Health Sciences Centre, Winnipeg, MB

      “When I was a kid I had cancer so it was just that experience with the nurses I encountered. I learned at an early age that we touch everybody – not only the patient we care for but their family and friends. I think it can make or break your recovery process. If you have somebody who you don’t think cares about what you are going through, then I think it hinders the recovery process and then you don’t have trust in your healthcare professionals.

      I wanted to give back to the patients in the way that I was taken care of. I think it gives you a different perspective when you’ve been a patient. It will be 25 years this year. We are celebrating our reunion. I’ve been in renal for 21 years. I was a bedside nurse until 2000 then I was a CRN from 2000 to 2009 until I came here. Read More…


        Dale Calibaba Gets Kidney Transplant

        We are happy to bring you some great news today. You may remember our friend Dale Calibaba who biked over 6,500 kilometres across Canada last summer while completing peritoneal dialysis treatments during rest stops.

        Dale had nearly completed his journey from east to west coast last fall but fell ill with a catheter infection and had to shift to hemodialysis to heal. He vowed to finish his trip across Canada in summer of 2016. Dale got a call earlier this month and received a KIDNEY TRANSPLANT.

        Dale’s support team sent this update: “The surgery went extremely well and Dale is now in recovery for a few weeks in Vancouver.  He is thrilled that he received a transplant of course, but he is determined to finish this last 600 km or he feels it will haunt him.”

        We wish Dale all the best in his recovery and hope to hear more when he completes his cycling journey. You can send well wishes through his website believeinthepossibility.org.

          Nurses Week May 9 – May 13

          Nurses of Manitoba Renal Program – Celebrating Renal Nurses

          (Click here to see all the Nurse profiles.)

          Our nurses are a diverse group and make up a huge part of Manitoba Renal Program’s workforce and health-care teams. Within our program nurses provide front-line care, education and training for both staff and patients, home visits to support patients as well as community education and outreach. They are also managers and directors and run units and programs. Read More…

            New ESRD Start Program Launched at HSC

            Health Sciences Centre’s renal program has developed and launched a New End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Start Program to ensure hemodialysis patients are receiving all required education and support during their transition to starting treatments.

            “The goal is to ensure consistent care and support for all new hemodialysis patients and to give staff the tools they need to be able to effectively support the patients,” said Alison Lindsay, Patient Care Manager with HSC’s renal program.

            Lindsay, along with HSC nephrologist Dr. Jay Hingwala and several physicians, nurses and allied health staff at HSC’s renal program, helped develop the program which includes workshops for staff and care maps for tracking patient progress through the New ESRD Start Program. Read More…

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