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Métis Prescription Drug Program

The Manitoba Métis Federation has launched a prescription drug program. Under this new program, Métis citizens that are age 65+ with $25,000 or less in annual income can access coverage for the prescription drugs they require. All prescription drugs dispensed and delivered under this program will be through MEDOCare Pharmacy.

Morning Greetings a Must for Dialysis Patient ‘Cowboy’

Just inside the doors of Health Sciences Centre’s Sherbrook Street entrance, a warm greeting awaits staff, patients and visitors coming in from the cold. Sitting among a group of patients, wearing his signature cowboy hat, Richard St Cyr loudly greets passersby.

Chronic Disease Innovation Centre Grand Opening

Seven Oaks Hospital Foundation opened the doors of its new Chronic Disease Innovation Centre on November 17. While the research team has already been in place for more than a year, the team now has a dedicated space to continue with work that focuses largely on the use of data to improve the effectiveness and…
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HSC Celebrates 50 Years of Dialysis Care

From the HSC Archives (Printed in HSC Focus Newsletter) Manitoba’s first dialysis program opened at Deer Lodge Hospital in 1958 to provide acute dialysis for patients with acute kidney failure. Dr.  Ashley Thomson, known by many as the “Father of Nephrology” in Manitoba, was the medical director of the Dialysis Program at Deer Lodge and…
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Career Changes, Cancer and Beekeeping? Dialysis Nurse Takes on Life’s Twists

Meet Your MRP: Fiona Mervyn, LPN, Peritoneal Dialysis Community Care, MRP To say there have been some twists and turns in Fiona Mervyn’s path might be a bit of an understatement. The 50-year-old peritoneal dialysis community care nurse has learned to put herself first after years of career changes, raising children and two bouts with…
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Dialysis Patients & Emergency or Urgent Care

If you have a life-threatening illness call 911. If you suspect that your illness is serious and related to your kidney health, call 911 or go to the emergency room at your dialysis hospital. Always tell the health-care team: that you have kidney disease, you are a dialysis patient and what type of dialysis you…
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