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Paul Harris: 90 Years Young and on Home Hemodialysis

Submitted by Paul Harris, Home Hemodialysis Patient In February of 2009 at the age of 81, I was told that my kidney function was at 10% and that I would require dialysis treatments three times per week for the rest of my life. Having turned 90 years old this past December, it gave me cause…
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Heart Health & Kidney Health

The term heart disease covers a range of conditions that affect the health of your heart and cardiovascular system. Our kidneys and our cardiovascular systems are closely linked. Kidneys rely on the heart to pump blood properly, so the kidneys can clean the blood and get rid of things our bodies don’t need like extra…
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Change of Address? Let us know.

If your address or contact information changes, please let us know as soon as possible.  It is very important for us to have all the right information about where you are living and how to get a hold of you. By letting us know of any changes, we can continue to provide the best and…
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Renal Program Switching to ‘Online’ Priming in Several Hemodialysis Units

After planning and preparation, Manitoba Renal Program is set to roll out a new way of priming in-centre dialysis machines. Previously, additional saline bags were brought to the machine and used to prime the blood lines and dialyzer before a patient’s treatment. Now, the machine will use the dialysate it creates and an existing connector…
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Registration Open for Winter Session of Lean Keen Kidney Machines

MRP patients can sign up for our winter session! Lean Keen Kidney Machines is a program that helps people living with kidney disease learn how to incorporate more activity into their lives. All skill/activity levels welcome!

Happy Holidays!

Happy holiday season to everyone including all our patients and renal staff across the province. Many of our in-hospital dialysis patients are dialyzing Christmas Eve day so they have Christmas day off. And, while not always possible, we try to meet requests from patients who wish to temporarily dialyze in another centre closer to family/friends…
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