The Manitoba Provincial Dialysis Program was mandated in 1998 by Manitoba Health under the umbrella of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA) to provide care for all patients receiving dialysis therapies in Manitoba.  
The program’s name was later changed in 2002 to the Manitoba Renal Program (MRP) to reflect the broader continuum of care of chronic kidney and renal disease.  This change was made to allow the MRP to focus on two broad elements along the continuum of care of renal or kidney disease:

  • The provision of renal replacement therapy (RRT), specifically dialysis, for both severe acute and advanced chronic renal disease.
  • The development of Renal Health Outreach (RHO). The RHO is responsible for renal health promotion, disease prevention and management through education and non dialysis clinical care.

The MRP’s mandate includes providing adult clinical care and education regarding all aspects of acute and chronic renal or kidney disease