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What is the FINISHED project?

FINISHED is a three-year project that will provide mobile kidney disease screening through a proven model of delivery in First Nations communities in West Region and Island Lake Tribal Council areas. The project is funded through Health Canada’s Health Services Integration Fund and led by Diabetes Integration Project (DIP) and Manitoba Renal Program (MRP), Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

Why is this project needed?

Many people don’t know they have kidney disease until they are very sick and need dialysis to stay alive. The impact of kidney failure on quality of life is huge because patients are often uprooted from their communities, forced to quit work or school, facing multiple hospitalizations and losing independence as a result of dialysis. The societal cost can also be enormous. One dialysis patient may directly cost the health care system approximately $550,000 over their lifetime, not including the productivity loss of early death and discontinuation of employment.

When kidney disease is detected while still in its early stages, there are ways to prevent and delay the progression to dialysis. This project seeks to demonstrate that in at-risk populations such as Manitoba First Nations, active community based screening programs conducted by mobile screening teams using modern and efficient risk assessment tools are feasible, affordable, and can lead to improved kidney health.

What communities will be receiving screening?

Communities in the Island Lake and West Region Tribal Council regions will be receiving screening. This includes Red Sucker Lake, Wasagamack, Garden Hill, St. Theresa Point, Pine Creek, Skownan, Keeseekowenin, Ebb & Flow, Rolling River, Gamblers and Crane River.

When will this be happening?

Screening will take place between March 2013 and March 2015. Look for posters in your community to find out more about when screening might be taking place near you. Once determined, screening dates and times will also be available on this website and through advertising. Screening information can also be received by calling Diabetes Integration Project at 204-956-7174 or 1-855-333-9320 or by talking to your local health centre or nursing station.

What is the screening process?

Visitors will receive information on kidney disease and then consent to participating by signing a consent form that’s explained to them. After recording their PHIN, height and weight, the health-care team will take blood pressure readings, a pin-prick blood sample and also ask for a urine (pee) sample. Visitors will be asked to fill out a survey while they wait for their results. After about 15 to 20 minutes, the team will have the results of the test and will explain them to you.

Who should NOT be screened?

  • Anyone under the age of 10 or over the age over the age of 80
  • Anyone with a contagious disease (e.g. chicken pox, measles)
  • Women who are on their time (moon time)
  • Anyone who is already seeing a kidney doctor or has an appointment to see one
  • Anyone who is sick (e.g. flu, cough, runny nose)

What are the goals?

The goals of FINISHED are immediate kidney disease prevention and early detection for individuals, demonstration of a sustainable platform for comprehensive kidney care unique to First Nations people and ultimately reducing the burden of kidney failure requiring dialysis in Manitoba.

Who are the project partners?

Diabetes Integration Project (DIP) is an Integrated Diabetes Health Care Service Delivery Model that was developed to begin to address the needs for First Nations people who have been diagnosed with diabetes. The project will overcome barriers to access to a comprehensive, coordinated and integrated diabetes care and treatment service for limb, eye, cardiovascular and kidney complications. The DIP will utilize Mobile Diabetes Health Care Service Delivery Teams to provide diabetes care and treatment services in First Nation communities throughout Manitoba.

Manitoba Renal Program (MRP) is a clinical program of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority that provides education and care for people at risk of developing kidney disease and people with chronic kidney disease. Primary services offered by the Manitoba Renal Program include kidney health care, hemodialysis care, peritoneal dialysis care, and renal health outreach. Hemodialysis is offered in Winnipeg, Brandon, and 16 rural locations throughout the province.

DIP and MRP are working alongside federal, provincial and community stakeholders to ensure an integrated approach to developing and implementing the FINISHED project. Consultation with all communities is ongoing to ensure a tailored approach to screening delivery and community engagement.


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How do I find out more?

Call Diabetes Integration Project at 204-956-7174 or 1-855-333-9320.


Media Requests

Call Audrey Gordon at 204-926-7840.