Kidney Health Outreach for Manitoba

Kidney Health Outreach provides education about kidney health to communities across Manitoba. We receive requests from communities, organizations or health-care providers to provide educational workshops about keeping kidneys healthy.

Some of the audiences we present to are school-age children, adults of the general public and health-care workers.

Is Kidney Health Outreach available for health fairs?
The team is available to participate in local community health fairs. They will set up a booth and provide information and answer questions about kidney health to people of all ages.

How is the education provided?
The team provides educational workshops using many different teaching methods such as:

  • Sharing circles
  • Story telling
  • Interactive quiz games
  • Slides/presentations
  • Kidney displays
  • Handouts such as posters and pamphlets

Who provides the education?
Kidney Health Outreach has a team of kidney health professionals who provide educational information about keeping your kidneys healthy. The team includes: a nurse, dietitian, exercise specialist, occupational therapist, pharmacist, and an aboriginal liaison social worker.

How long are the workshops?
The length of the workshops varies depending on the target audience and needs of the community. Times may range from 3 hours to a full day.

Who do I call for more information?
For more information about workshops and availability for health fairs please call:

Phone: (204) 470-1735
Fax: (204) 632-3670