2011 Conference

Kidney Disease: Who’s At Risk?

May 15 & 16, 2011

Canad Inns Polo Park

Opening Remarks & Program Highlights

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Michael Samuelson
Wellness & Prevention:  Keystone to Health Care Transformation

CKD Surveillance and Prevention

Prescriptive Management of Hypertension and Diabetes in Alberta

Session 1:Dr. Paul KomendaKidney Disease Pathways
Session 2:Dr. Rajiv SaranCKD Surveillance
Session 3: Dr. Manish Sood – Elderly Dialysis Patients: The Importance of Functional Status

Session A:Cali OrsulakManaging Diabetes
Session B:Heather Naylor Smoking Cessation
Session C:Jennifer Dyck Transplant Medication

Session D:Heather KolowcaDisaster Management
Session E:Casie Nishi Get Better Together
Session F:Dr. Chris Sathianathan When to start Dialysis

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Dr. Harvey Chochinov
Dignity in Care
DEBATE: Treatment Choices
Facilitated by: Dr. Paul Komenda with Dr. Manish Sood / Dr. Mauro Verrelli

Session A: Dr. Lori Wazny – Preventing  Progression in Kidney Disease
Session O: Dr.  Martin Karpinski – The National Kidney Exchange Program and Living Donation
Session H:  Dr. Manish Sood – Elderly Dialysis Patients: The Importance of Functional Status
Session I: W5: Investigating the What, Where, When and Why  of Wounds
Session B: Manitoba eRenal Implementation and Transformation
Session C: Kathleen Klaasen & Lisa Streeter – Advance Care Planning: It’s All About Good  Communciation
Session J: Dr. Shelley Zieroth – Cardio Renal Patients

Session D: Alison Lindsay & Mike Lewkiw –  Nurse Run Renal Health Clinic in Thompson
Session E: Jan Schneider & Shirly Napalit – Bed Bugs: That’s a Wrap
Session K: Julie LorenzThe HCCP/MRP Partnership in Cross Lake
Session L: Dr. Paul KomendaManitoba Patient Access Network Project
Session F: Heather Kolowca – Disaster Management
Session G: Dr. S Armstrong – PD Catheter Insertions at the Bedside
Session M: Joanne Plamondon/ Lesley Cotsianis – Renal Health Outreach Opportunities for Improvement
Session N: Janine Kemp – Steal Syndrome