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Nursing & Allied Health Nephrology Education April 26th

This month’s education session takes place April 26th from 12 to 1pm and features Dr. James Shaw discussing ‘Kidney Transplant Workup: What’s Involved?’ Click for more info.

Apo-Cal 250 mg and 500 mg Strengths Discontinued

MRP Staff: Apo-Cal 250 mg and 500 mg strengths have been discontinued by the manufacturer.  Calcium carbonate products are not interchangeable so you may receive faxes to change patients to another formulation. The preferred product is:  JAMP Calcium 500 mg. This product does not contain oyster shell (possible concern with lead in these products), is…
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WRHA Indigenous Health – Discharge Planning

Think for a minute about your Indigenous patients. Are there situations in which they require support to achieve a smooth transition from hospital to home? An Example of When to contact Indigenous Health – Patient Services for Support with Discharge Planning: A 72-year-old Indigenous dialysis patient from the Island Lake region has been hospitalized and…
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Kidney Coach – Let’s Get Your Kidneys Into Shape

March is Kidney Health Month in Canada and it’s World Kidney Day on March 8. Kidney disease may not be top of mind for most Manitobans, but one in 10 Manitobans are living with kidney disease and many don’t know it. The Kidney Coach is here to help you learn about keeping kidneys healthy. Visit…
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A Record 77 Kidney Transplants Done Last Year

Transplant Manitoba’s Kidney Transplant Program had a record number of kidney transplants completed in 2017. Former peritoneal dialysis user Garth, along with his wife Agnes who donated her kidney, were on hand for the announcement. A record 77 Manitobans have the chance to live longer, healthier lives thanks to the generosity and compassion of donors,…
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