Medications Module

Electronic Kidney Health Record: Stage Two Medications Module

MARCH 2014: Final changes are being made to the medications profile after receiving feedback through a collaborative process. The changes involve including historical medication information and division between medications taken on unit or at home. The new profile will be implemented over the next month after education around the new format is completed.

OCTOBER 17, 2013: Ensuring all aspects of our new eKHR are suitable for staff and patient needs is a top priority and part of the process of implementing this new system. The MeRIT team has been working closely with sites during our eKHR medications module go live process. Prior to our HSC go live, several discussions about the Renal Medication Profile took place. Through a collaborative process, it was decided that the format of the profile will be changed to better suit staff needs. The profile will be revised to include historical medication information. This change is expected to take two to three months and an announcement will be made when the finalized medication profile is ready to be implemented.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 19, 2013: We are excited to announce the Electronic Kidney Health Record (eKHR) will go live with its medications module at HSC’s Sherbrook Centre Dialysis Unit and Central Dialysis Unit on Monday, September 23 and Monday, October 7 respectively.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 4, 2013: With our medications module going live, it’s important for other programs and managers in the hospitals to know that some information they receive from our program may change. The Renal Medication Profile and Hospital Admission Physician Orders will have a new look. An example of how these will now look can be found here.

UPDATE AUGUST 23 2013: With the SOGH medications module launch completed we are moving to St. Boniface Hospital with a goal date of Sept 9, 2013.  If you want to learn more about the eKHR Medications Module, there are information sessions being held for St. Boniface Hospital renal staff. The sessions are: WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 28,  THURSDAY, AUGUST 29,  TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3 OR WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4  at 14:30 in the Dialysis Unit lunch room.

The Manitoba eRenal Implementation and Transformation (MeRIT) project has begun implementing Stage Two which includes paperless charts with integrated lab, medication and diagnostic imaging records.

The first module to be implemented was Vascular Access.

The current module  is the Medications Module. The eKHR medication module will electronically track all medication and allergy information – both current and historical – for our patients. It provides one centralized location to manage all medication-related information across the program. In addition, it includes the ability to easily verify data entered, review medications with the patient, and print any reports required to support the pharmacy function of the MRP.

Most staff, including the front-line nursing staff, will have access to a read-only version of the eKHR medication module. The pharmacists and nephrologists will be able to update and verify the patient’s medications, and write patient prescriptions electronically.  Currently, orders will still be written in patient charts until further notice. The clerks will have the ability to enter and print the patients’ medication flow sheets in a consistent and standardized way at all three Winnipeg sites, and these flow sheets will be printed and filed in the medications section of the paper chart. This section of the chart will serve as the most up to date record we have on file of all patient medications and allergies.

Seven Oaks Hospital will be the first site for this roll-out at the end of July 2013, with St. Boniface Hospital and Health Sciences Centre to follow shortly after. Apart from user specific training, each site will host eKHR Open Houses where staff will be on hand to demonstrate and answer questions about the new module.

The pharmacists and the MeRIT team have been working very hard on this component of the project and look forward to working with you to ensure a smooth transition. We thank you for your patience, and contribution in assisting us to make this project a success.

If you have any questions about this new eKHR medication module implementation, please speak to your manager.

HSC Site Leads

Bien Dizon (email or787-3334)

Kathy Hendrickson-Gracie (email or  787-7519 pager #3)

Angie Wieler (email 787-8024)

Seven Oaks Site Lead

Henni Dyck  (email or 632-3419)

St. Boniface Site Lead

Diane Genyk  (email or 237-2029)