Kidney Health Playbook


It’s time to keep those kidneys in the BEST shape so they help you stay healthy for a long time to come.

The Kidney Coach has a playbook for you, so you know all the moves to kick your kidneys up to 100.



For more information about kidney disease click here.

Play #1: Under Pressure Measures

Maintain a healthy blood pressure.


Play #2: Body Balance

Aim for a healthy body weight.


Play #3: The Pharm-Assist

Take your medication as prescribed.


Play #4: The 100 Meter Ash

Set a goal to leave smoking behind.


Play #5: The Sweet Sidestep

Keep control of your blood sugar levels.


Play #6: Health Huddle Hurdle

Plan healthy meals and skip over junk foods.


Play #7: High Risk Runback

If you’re at high risk for kidney disease, run back to your doctor and get checked for kidney disease.


Play #8: The Fit Forward

Start taking small steps toward being more active and fit.