Manitoba Organ and Tissue Donation Task Force’s Report

Manitoba Renal Program (MRP) is pleased to see the release of the Manitoba Organ and Tissue Donation Task Force’s report this week and appreciated the opportunity to participate in the groundwork that helped frame these recommendations. Since 2010, the number of people needing life-sustaining dialysis has increased by more than 35 per cent. 

“When dialysis patients move on to receive a transplant, we are very happy to see that outcome. If there is any way to increase those numbers, we fully support it.” says Dr. Mauro Verrelli, MRP medical director. “Unfortunately kidney transplant is not an option for every dialysis patient and the rate of chronic kidney disease is growing in Manitoba.

“For that reason, the report’s recommendation to explore a provincial surveillance system focused on early detection of organ disease is very important. Ultimately, we want to have less people with kidney failure and do whatever is possible to delay or prevent the progression of kidney disease. Early detection and treatment is a way to help achieve this.

“Alongside early detection programs, we need to ensure all Manitobans have access to the appropriate supports and resources they need to facilitate healthy living including primary health care, healthy foods and more. We look forward to continuing work with our partners in health care, research and government on achieving the goal of a reduced burden of kidney disease in Manitoba.”

MRP encourages everyone to sign up to be an organ donor at and to make sure they visit their doctor for regular yearly checkups to find out how their kidneys are doing. To learn more about kidney health visit


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