March Campaign Summary

During March of 2019, MRP partnered with the Kidney Foundation of Canada Manitoba Branch to deliver the Kidney Coach awareness campaign. The campaign aimed to drive traffic to the website and help visitors learn about keeping kidneys healthy. In addition, MRP developed and implemented general awareness initiatives such as social media content, stickers and more.

With a minimal budget of under $15,000 the campaign generated about 8,000,000 impressions and 19,000 direct engagements during its one month run. Paid advertising included Facebook, Google Ads, Transit Shelters, NCI FM and CJOB radio, seven newspapers, and two local digital ads. Earned (unpaid) media included media coverage through TV, online and radio, a ministerial announcement on dialysis funding, Mayor of Winnipeg social media recognition, MLA social media postings with World Kidney Day stickers and RHA communications support provincially. You can still view the website here.

In our units, we asked staff and patients to consider wearing red for World Kidney Day to help raise awareness within the hospital/care sites. You can see a few of the participating staff members here:



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