March Campaign

This past March we launched our Kidney Coach campaign in partnership with The Kidney Foundation of Canada Manitoba Branch. The Kidney Coach website encourages using the ‘kidney health playbook’ which details eight ways to keep kidneys healthy. We also encouraged people to submit their own ‘kidney coach’ photos and use hashtags on social media. We received some news coverage from CityTV and CTV Morning Live and ran a range of advertising in radio, print, transit buses and online. We also did booths at Portage Place Mall and Health Sciences Centre where we engaged with more than 150 people about kidney health. The Kidney Coach website was visited more than 4,500 times and online ads and posts received more than 1 million impressions and 5,000 engagements. Print and radio ads reached dozens of communities across Canada. We are hoping the Kidney Coach helped us get messages about keeping kidneys healthy out to the community. Early diagnosis and treatment of chronic kidney disease can help keep kidneys healthy longer or delay progression of kidney disease with a goal of preventing dialysis whenever possible.

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