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Registration Open for Spring Session of Lean Keen Kidney Machines

MRP patients can sign up for our spring session! Lean Keen Kidney Machines is a program that helps people living with kidney disease learn how to incorporate more activity into their lives. All skill/activity levels welcome!

Kidney Health Booths

We will be hosting two Kidney Health Booths this week leading up to World Kidney Day. On March 6 we will be at Portage Place Mall and on March 7 we will be at Health Sciences Centre William Mall. Come learn about kidney health, do a quiz, and a risk checklist and get some goodies. Booths are running 10 am – 2 pm.

Kidney Coach – Let’s Get Your Kidneys Into Shape

March is Kidney Health Month in Canada and it’s World Kidney Day on March 8. Kidney disease may not be top of mind for most Manitobans, but one in 10 Manitobans are living with kidney disease and many don’t know it. The Kidney Coach is here to help you learn about keeping kidneys healthy. Visit to get your Kidney Health Playbook featuring eight plays to keep kidneys healthy. Let’s get your kidneys into shape! Visit for more information.

A Record 77 Kidney Transplants Done Last Year

Transplant Manitoba’s Kidney Transplant Program had a record number of kidney transplants completed in 2017. Former peritoneal dialysis user Garth, along with his wife Agnes who donated her kidney, were on hand for the announcement. A record 77 Manitobans have the chance to live longer, healthier lives thanks to the generosity and compassion of donors, including 33 living kidney donors – the highest number of living donors the program has worked with to date. This marks the second year in a row for record kidney transplants in Manitoba. In 2017, Manitoba’s living donor kidney transplant program stands out. At 24.66 kidney transplants per million population, Manitoba has one of the best provincial living donor kidney transplant rates in Canada. You can find the full story here.

Boundary Trails Dialysis Water System Replacement

Recently a new water system was installed in the Boundary Trails Health Centre dialysis unit which has seven dialysis stations serving 28 patients. To complete the installation the new system had to be installed in an adjacent office and tested while ensuring that the previously existing water system was not affected and dialysis treatments could continue as regularly scheduled. The new system is now installed and on-line as of January 31, 2018.

The final stage of the project is removing the old water system, which is currently underway. The new system is a dual stage reverse osmosis (RO) system that provides built-in redundancy. If either ‘stage’ of the RO system have technical issues, the system can be placed into emergency mode very easily ensuring no disruption in dialysis treatments running on either stage separately.

Manitoba Renal Program’s Winnipeg-based dialysis technologists now have remote monitoring access to the system for trouble shooting and analysis of operating data in real-time. There are many benefits of the new system including lower utility operational costs of about $7,500 per year, full automation with the Fresenius 5008 dialysis machine operation (staff do not have to come in early to initiate bleach cycles on machines), less use of chemicals due to heat disinfection technology which also reduces some tech/maintenance costs. There are now 11 of this type of system in the Local Renal Health Centres program with the Ashern dialysis unit water system being next in line for replacement during 2018/2019.


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