Patient Representative Committee

The Patient Representative Committee (PRC) is made up of dialysis patients from various sites/hospitals in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba. The Committee is there to help patients voice their concerns, questions, and comments regarding their quality of care. The Committee also works to improve service, address issues related to their own care, and acts as an advocate for other patients in the Manitoba Renal Program. The Committee does report back to the Manitoba Renal Program Management Council.

Patients and their families who attend PRC meetings receive a $15.00 honorarium.

Purpose of this Committee

  • To promote a link between patients and staff of the dialysis units.
  • To keep patients, families, or caregivers informed of changes in the Manitoba Renal Program.
  • To receive feedback from patients, families or caregivers regarding quality of care.
  • To give patients, families and caregivers the opportunity to voice their concerns, questions or comments.

When are Patient Representative Committee Meetings?

  • The Committee usually meets every second Tuesday of each month, but breaks in the summer, dates and times are also posted in the dialysis waiting areas
  • The Committee usually meets at a designated area in the Health Sciences Centre
  • The Committee is open to dialysis patients, their spouse/ partner, caregiver, and their families.

If you are a patient and would like to be involved, please contact us at 204-632-3619.