Information about the MNNC

Information about the MNNC

The Manitoba Nephrology Nursing Course (MNNC) is a nine-week course that prepares nurses to care for patients during their hemodialysis treatments. The MNNC is required to work in a hemodialysis unit and is the entry point into Nephrology Nursing in Manitoba.

Entrance requirements for the course:

The course consists of theory/lab, clinical, and preceptorship sections. The theory/lab days are interspersed with clinical days, so that concepts and skills learned in the classroom can be immediately applied in the clinical setting. The final exam occurs at the end of week six.

The hiring site enrolls students into the MNNC. An email with a course schedule is sent out at least one week prior to the start date for registered course candidates. There is a registration fee of $200.00. All required readings are provided.

  • Offered six times per year
  • In-person theory learning in Winnipeg classroom
  • Clinical placement in Winnipeg
  • Final exam in Winnipeg
  • *Theory learning can be done remotely via Microsoft Teams

  • Participants train and learn within their hiring site or health region
  • Intake and start dates determined by hiring site
  • Theory learning sessions are done through MRP website utilizing prerecorded Microsoft Teams videos.
  • Clinical placement at hiring site or within the hiring health region
  • Final exam completed at the training/hiring site

The MNNC Self Learning Package

The Self Learning Package (SLP) is a review of kidney function and kidney disease and provides a base upon which the MNNC is built. The SLP is free and available for download. If you require a hard copy of the SLP to be sent to you, please contact Renal Education at 204-787-3317.

Once familiar with the content, an appointment to write the exam can be made by contacting Renal Education at 204-787-3317.

Arrangements can be made to administer the exam in a nurse’s home community if an invigilator can be identified; otherwise exams are booked at NA379 700 McDermot Avenue Winnipeg, MB.

The minimum passing is grade is 70%. There is one rewrite allowed, with a passing grade of 85%. The exam grade is considered valid for one calendar year. The nurse can include this information when applying for positions within the MRP.

There are 20 Hemodialysis units in Manitoba. The nurse must be hired into a hemodialysis unit to take the course. The nurse is paid for the duration of the course. There is an expectation that the nurse will work the equivalent of six months of full time to repay the unit’s investment in the education. Please speak with the hiring manager about their specific expectations.

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