Kidney Health Care in Manitoba

Kidney Health Care in Manitoba

Kidney health-care services for adults in Manitoba include kidney health clinic care for stages one to five chronic kidney disease (CKD) as well as in-centre (outpatient) and home dialysis. Care is delivered by interdisciplinary teams of health-care professionals and supported by a range of professionals sited across several facilities in Manitoba. There are four urban renal centres and another 17 rural dialysis units across Manitoba. To learn more, visit the Locations page.

2PC08 Seven Oaks General Hospital
2300 McPhillips Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R2V 3M3
Phone: 204-632-3607
Fax: 204-632-6168

For a complete listing of dialysis centres in Manitoba visit our locations page.

If you are visiting Manitoba from another province or country, and want to make arrangements to receive dialysis treatments during your visit, please visit our Out of Province Patients page.

Dr. Mauro Verrelli
Medical Director, Manitoba Renal Program
Associate Head, Section of Nephrology, University of Manitoba

Dr. Joe Bueti
Section Head, Section of Nephrology, University of Manitoba
Associate Medical Director, Manitoba Renal Program

Alissa Leforte
Director Health Services – Provincial Coordinated Health Services

Executive Leadership

Monika Warren
Chief Operating Officer – Provincial Coordinated Health Services

Nicole Sneath
Executive Director – Provincial Coordinated Health Services

Kidney Health Care Supports & Services

Victor Garcia
Manager, Shared Health Clinical Engineering

Audra Nesbitt-Hume
Manitoba Renal Program/PDCC Operations Manager

Krista Stewart & Eric Garcia
Fitness & Wellness Coordinators

Miranda Delos Reyes
Provincial Education Coordinator

Gacheri Dyck
Shared Health Quality Measuring and Monitoring Evaluation and Improvement Officer

Dr. Lori Wazny & Dr. Christine Davis
Pharmaceutical Care Coordinators

Hospital Site Leadership & Teams:

Health Sciences Centre & Local Renal Health Centres Program

Dr. Joe Bueti
Medical Director, HSC Renal Program

Dr. Herman Lam
Medical Director, Central Dialysis Unit

Dr. Don Allan
Medical Director, Sherbrook Centre Dialysis Unit

Dr. James Zacharias
Medical Director, Manitoba Local Renal Health Centres

Dr. Jay Hingwala
Medical Director, Home Hemodialysis, HSC

Donna Lee Samson
Director of Patient Services, HSC Renal Program

Odete Williams
Manager, Patient Care

Sandra Lang-Donald
Manager, Patient Care

Ronnie Mendoza
Manager, Patient Care
Kidney Health Clinic, Local Renal Health Centres, Home Hemodialysis

Seven Oaks General Hospital

Dr. Sean Armstrong
Medical Director, SOGH Renal Program

Dr. Andrea Mazurat
Medical Director, SOGH Hemodialysis

Dr. Sushil Ratnaparkhe
Medical Director, Home Hemodialysis

Dr. Sara Dunsmore
Medical Director, Peritoneal Dialysis & Renal Clinic

Heloise Buhler
Program Director, SOGH Renal Program

Harjinder Brar
Patient Care Team Manager, Hemodialysis

Lori Schellenberg
Patient Care Team Manager, Hemodialysis

Crystal Huhtala
Patient Care Team Manager, Home Hemodialysis, Renal Health Clinic, Peritoneal Dialysis

St. Boniface Hospital

Dr. Mauro Verrelli
Medical Director, SBH Renal Program

Dr. Justin Walters
Medical Director, Hemodialysis

Dr. Martina Reslerova
Medical Director, Peritoneal Dialysis

April Bertrand
Program Director, Renal & Palliative Care

Kathryn Riffell
Patient Care Manager, Dialysis

Brandon Regional Health Centre

Dr. Ali Habeeb
Nephrologist, BHRC Renal Health Program

Dr. Hassan Mustafa
Nephrologist, BHRC Renal Health Program

Ashton Lister
Program Manager, Renal Unit

For more information on the additional 16 Local Renal Health Centres click here.