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Music has always been part of 92-year-old Cyril Bona’s life. From the time he was a teenager, he loved to play and sing. But it took a bit of courage for him to get used to playing for others.

“At first I was very shy about going on stage and playing and singing,” he remembers. “I found that it brings so much joy to people, so I kept going at it.”

Cyril, who goes by Cy, sings and plays pretty much every day. From karaoke nights or church, to playing at his local army and navy legion, the senior’s calendar is packed full of singing gigs.

Since he started dialysis treatments at Health Sciences Centre in January 2018, he even started bringing his guitar to play and sing in the dialysis unit waiting rooms.

He says dialysis has made him feel better and given him the energy to keep up his singing schedule.

“Anybody who is afraid of dialysis, they don’t need to be afraid of it. It will save your life and make you feel better. It’s worth it.” He also credits his doctors and nurses for helping with the transition.

“The nurses and doctors are so great. It’s taken all the stress away.”

Valerie Williams is a friend of Cy’s who sings and plays with him in the dialysis unit waiting rooms. She was initially worried about Cy having to on dialysis.

“I was concerned for you when dialysis was going to start in January,” she says, sitting beside Cy. “It hasn’t slowed you down. If anything I think you’ve sped up.”

Valarie and Cy met at an open mic night and right away Valarie hoped they would get to sing together.

“Do you remember what you said to me?” She asks Cy. “You said, I generally don’t sing with anyone.” The pair laughs as they recall the moment.

Valarie and Cy have been making YouTube videos of their singing and playing with some hopes to get the attention of Ellen DeGeneres. Cy admits he never p

planned on being a YouTube star, but if it involves singing and playing than he is up for it.

Apart from singing, he also volunteers on top of his dialysis schedule which is five hours in hospital, three times a week.

Cy is a second world war veteran who joined the army at age 18 and spent time in the air force. He was born in Halifax but has been a long-time Winnipeg resident.

At the age of 92, Cy continues to make the most of each day with no plans of slowing down.

“I’m 92 years of age, but I feel like I’m only 91,” he jokes. He says that his lifetime of experience has led him to looking for the positives in every day.

“I’ve been all through a shooting war and about five car write offs and I say to people – look, you’re lucky to be alive. What more could you want in life than that.”

Click here for YouTube videos of Cy and Valarie!

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