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June 2015 | News, Staff News

drrushFor his outstanding contribution to kidney disease research, Dr. David Rush has been awarded the 2015 Kidney Foundation of Canada Medal for Research Excellence.
Dr. David Rush is Professor, Dept. of Internal Medicine, College of Medicine at the University of Manitoba, as well as Medical Director of Transplant Manitoba – Adult Renal Transplant Program, and Past Head of the Section of Nephrology in the Dept. of Internal Medicine. In addition to several teaching awards, Dr. Rush was awarded the Nadine Jenkins Distinguished Service Award by The Kidney Foundation of Canada Manitoba Branch in 2003, and The Canadian Society of Transplantation Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008. Dr. Rush’s work has been instrumental in moving the renal transplantation field forward.
“The Kidney Foundation of Canada is committed to supporting excellent renal research in Canada and we celebrate this annually through the Medal for Research Excellence,” according to Elisabeth Fowler, National Director of Research for the Foundation. “Dr. Rush joins an esteemed group of researchers who have received the medal since 1996, and who have been recognized both nationally and internationally for excellence in kidney research. Through their dedication to finding improved methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention, researchers’ contributions have a tangible and positive impact in the lives of those affected by kidney disease.”
Innovative Research
Dr. Rush’s pioneering work in the use of surveillance biopsies in transplantation made him the first to report the high prevalence of subclinical rejection in renal transplant recipients. With this research, he has changed the understanding of the link between early chronic pathologic changes and long-term graft survival. Dr. Rush’s seminal work in this field has lowered the threshold for the diagnosis of rejection and had an impact on the design of clinical trials evaluating immunosuppression protocols for renal transplant patients. Dr. Rush’s work in translational medicine has also directly led to the improvement in renal allograft survival and patient care in the Transplant Manitoba-Adult Renal Program, where over 1,000 transplants have been performed to date. The international profile of his research program has led to changes in clinical practice in many transplant programs worldwide.
“Dr. Rush’s dedication to his patients and to the field of transplantation has meant the world to families living with renal failure. His leading-edge research has greatly improved outcomes for renal transplant patients giving people the ability to live life to the fullest,” said Dr. Peter Nickerson, Medical Director, Transplant Manitoba – Gift of Life Program.
Outstanding Patient Care, Mentorship and Knowledge Translation Work
Dr. Rush, Past Director of the Nephrology Training Program at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, has been a dedicated counselor to a new generation of researchers, helping them develop as independent, internationally-known investigators. His constant pursuit of excellence in all endeavours is proven, not only in his successful research, but in his teaching. During the past 30 years Dr. Rush has been nominated almost annually for awards in teaching excellence by his students.
“The University of Manitoba is proud of Dr. Rush’s groundbreaking work in the areas of renal and kidney research. His dedication and commitment to research, mentorship and teaching have led to positive changes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of kidney disease,” Dr. Brian Postl, Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences & Vice-Provost (Health Sciences), University of Manitoba. “I offer my heartfelt congratulations on this much deserved award.”

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