Proteinuria Conversion Table

Proteinuria Conversion Table

ACR is preferred and valid for diagnosis and staging and and prognostication in CKD. ACR can have significant day to day variability. We recommend obtaining a first morning void sample if possible.

ACR (mg/mmol)Proteinuria (g/24 hrs)
≤ 3.5< 0.15
3.6 – 290.150 – 0.499
30 – 690. 5 – 0.99
70 -1501.0 – 1.5
151 – 4501.5 – 4.5
> 450> 4.5

Modified and Adapted from Lamb E, Mackenzie F, et al., Annals of Clinical Biochemistry 2009; 46: 205- 217

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