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March 2021 | News, Staff News

HSC Winnipeg opened its newest hemodialysis unit on March 1, 2021. The $6.8-million hemodialysis unit will have 22 stations with capacity for up to 132 patients to receive 396 hemodialysis treatments a week.

In addition to dialysis and nursing stations, the JM5 unit has a dedicated reverse osmosis water system, offices and workstations for physicians, allied health and care management teams, as well as a meeting room, storage, housekeeping room, disposal room and dialysis technology repair room.

Located in the Diagnostic Centre of Excellence, the unit features large windows overlooking William Avenue which provide bright, natural light in the dialysis station areas.

Adult dialysis patients currently being treated in temporary dialysis stations will be the first to occupy the unit. These patients were surveyed to pick colours and themes for the design of the unit. The theme picked was ‘Manitoba prairie’ and large images of prairie landscapes are visible throughout the unit and featured on the wall behind every patient bed.

“While we are always working to detect and manage kidney disease as early as possible – with the hopes of delaying or preventing dialysis – we know the need for hemodialysis in Manitoba continues to grow,” said Dr. Mauro Verrelli, provincial renal specialty lead, Shared Health. “This bright, state-of-the-art unit will be a significant asset in caring for Manitobans living with kidney failure.”

HSC Winnipeg provides dialysis and kidney health care for a wide range of patients from across Manitoba.

“The new hemodialysis unit will allow HSC Winnipeg to accommodate a growing number of individuals receiving treatment for the first time, as well as patients from across the province who have been hospitalized, are receiving specialist care at our facility or need ongoing dialysis treatments,” said Health and Seniors Care Minister Heather Stefanson. “It further strengthens the size and scope of renal services offered at our provincial hospital, allowing us to meet the current and future needs of dialysis patients in Manitoba.”

The unit began patient dialysis treatments on March 1. Most patients receiving hemodialysis in a unit have three, four-hour treatments every week.

Congratulations to the HSC Renal Program and partners who worked hard in planning and opening the new unit.

There are 1,845 people with kidney failure receiving life-saving dialysis treatment in Manitoba. An additional 6,475 Manitobans are being treated for chronic kidney disease.

View the Province of Manitoba Media Release

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