Keeping Kidneys Healthy

Keeping Kidneys Healthy

We strongly recommend visiting your family doctor on a regular basis so they can monitor your overall health.

Since kidney disease is often silent, this is one of the best ways to ensure early diagnosis. In Manitoba, your family doctor can use values that come from routine blood and urine analysis to monitor kidney function. An early diagnosis means there are actions we can take to keep kidneys working for as long as possible.

For many people, kidney disease can be treated and managed to delay or prevent a progression to kidney failure. In some cases kidney damage is not preventable. There are some medical and genetic conditions that can contribute to kidney damage, such as lupus and polycystic kidney disease.

Some of the ways to help keep kidneys healthy for as long as possible:


Check out this video for tips on how to keep your kidneys as healthy as possible apart from regular check ups with your doctor.