Assisted Home Dialysis

Assisted Home Dialysis

Assisted home dialysis is when a trained health-care provider helps with some aspects of a patient’s home dialysis treatments.

Currently in Manitoba there is only one Winnipeg-based assisted peritoneal dialysis program.

Assisted Peritoneal Dialysis in Winnipeg

The Peritoneal Dialysis Community Care (PDCC) program operates within Winnipeg and provides nursing support to individuals using peritoneal dialysis in their homes or in long-term care settings.

Who qualifies for assisted peritoneal dialysis?

Assisted peritoneal dialysis may be available to individuals who are otherwise suitable to do peritoneal dialysis but unable to manage one or two tasks.

How does it work?

A health-care worker is scheduled to assist with the task an individual is unable to do themselves.

This might include some of the following tasks:

  • checking blood pressure
  • helping select the correct dialysate solution
  • setting up or stripping the PD night cycler
  • helping the patient connect at night
  • helping the patient disconnect in the morning
  • exit site care
  • medication administration
  • wound care
  • assist with ordering supplies

PDCC care team members only provide care that is relevant to dialysis treatments. They do not perform any other house or care tasks.


In some cases, PDCC can also support respite care for individuals currently on independent peritoneal dialysis. This could be when a support person needs a short-term break from assisting with their loved one’s peritoneal dialysis or if a person needs temporary assistance for a variety of reasons such as medical procedure recovery etc.

For more information, please contact the Peritoneal Dialysis Community Care Manager at 204-787-4917.