KidneyFit Class

KidneyFit Class

Join fitness experts and other people who live with kidney disease in a beginner education and exercise class.

This free program helps show you safe ways to be more physically active with the help of a certified fitness instructor. Learn how to use different equipment, find exercises that are right for you and work towards your physical activity goals. Use your new knowledge and skills to include more physical activity in your life as part of your health-care journey.

Please note KidneyFit was formerly called Lean Keen Kidney Machines.

KidneyFit Level 1

12 Weeks

Join other people who live with kidney disease to learn about how to safely exercise and gain the benefits of physical activity. The class is two hours and runs one to two times each week for 12 weeks. In addition to guided exercise, gain a deeper understanding about your body, nutrition, medications and safe exercise for people living with CKD.

Kidney Fit Level 2

12 Weeks

After KidneyFit Level 1, you will begin to do more on your own in the gym with guidance from fitness experts while enjoying cardio, weights, balance and stretching exercises.

KidneyFit Level 3

12 Weeks

You will begin Level 3 with the confidence and knowledge to exercise on your own. The fitness instructor will be there to answer any questions but you’ll have the tools and support to exercise on your own. Level 3 will help you learn how to continue to include physical activity in your life after graduating from KidneyFit Class. 

Who should try KidneyFit?

  • Patients with a renal/kidney program in Manitoba
  • Anyone living in or near Winnipeg (can travel to class)
  • Anyone interested in getting more physically active
  • Anyone interested in meeting like-minded people and having fun
  • Has doctor/nephrologist approval to proceed with exercise


  • Learn more about CKD and also safe and fun ways to exercise
  • Gain the physical benefits of exercise

Locations & Registration

  • Wellness Institute – 1075 Leila Avenue
  • Reh-fit Centre – 1390 Taylor Avenue

To register for KidneyFit, call Krista at (204) 631-3039

Video about KidneyFit Class (Formerly LKKM):