Renal Exercise Counselling Clinic

Renal Exercise Counselling Clinic

Patients currently being treated by the Manitoba Renal Program who visit, or live in or near, Winnipeg can be referred to our Exercise Counselling Clinic by their health-care provider.

The clinic is a great way to get accurate information on how to safely start a new exercise program. The clinic will help you:

  • Identify the right level of exercise for your personal fitness and health conditions
  • Set safe goals for your exercise program
  • Connect with the program options that best suit you

The Exercise Counselling Clinic is hosted at the Wellness Institute at Seven Oaks General Hospital.

Getting an appointment

If you are registered with and being treated by the Manitoba Renal Program you may be referred to the clinic. Ask your doctor or other health professional with the program if the Exercise Counselling Clinic is right for you.After your referral… Once you are referred to the clinic, you will be mailed an information package. The package will include your appointment time, details of your visit and some forms to fill out before you come.

At the clinic

When you arrive at the Wellness Institute, you will head to the Rehabilitation & Sports Injury Clinic to check in. You should wear comfortable clothing and walking or running shoes for the appointment. Plan to be at the clinic for approximately one hour.You will first see the doctor (a kidney specialist) who will review your health history and lifestyle to find out if specific exercise limits are needed for your safety.

From there you will see an exercise specialist for some short physical tests. Tests may include walking, rising from a chair, balance, hand grip strength and other testing.Once testing is complete you will have your exercise counselling session and get a personalized exercise prescription. You will know what activities you should avoid, how you can increase activity in your daily life and what programs are available that suit your specific needs.

Follow-up support

Change can be difficult when you have health concerns. That’s why an exercise specialist is available for follow-up support after your visit. After six to twelve months a short clinic appointment will let you know if there are any changes to your physical abilities and recommend new goals.

Ask your doctor or other health professional if the Exercise Counselling Clinic is right for you.