Renal Patient Feedback

Renal Patient Feedback

There are several ways to provide feedback. If you have a concern about your care consider talking to a CRN or unit manager. You can also reach out to the patient relations department of your hospital or health region.

Please note the form below is NOT a formal record of complaint but rather an informal way to generally share feedback about your care or the program’s services and resources. You can submit anonymously or supply contact info if you would like a follow up response. Information may be shared with care providers or used in discussions around care and service planning into the future.

  • Please write in the name of your care centre if it's not listed here - select other and write the location in (i.e. Ashern, Russell)
    Please note, if you select 'yes' you must leave contact information in this form in order for us to be able to follow up. If "NO" you do not need to leave a name or contact information.

No meetings are currently scheduled. We are exploring the best way to move forward with group feedback and will schedule future meetings soon.

The Renal Patient Feedback Group is a chance for dialysis patients from various sites/hospitals in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba to give their feedback on dialysis care and initiatives happening in the program.

Information brought forward at the meeting will be shared with renal program management to help inform quality of care provided by the program.

Purpose of this Group

  • To promote a link between patients and staff of the dialysis units.
  • To keep patients, families or caregivers informed of changes in the Manitoba Renal Program.
  • To receive feedback from patients, families or caregivers regarding quality of care.
  • To give patients, families and caregivers the opportunity to voice their concerns, questions or comments.
  • The Committee is open to dialysis patients, their spouse/ partner, caregiver and their families.

For general complaints we recommend talking to a manager. If you feel complaints are not being addressed or heard you can talk to a program director. Who is the manager in your unit? You can find some information on program management here.

You can also utilize patient/client relations at your facility or health region. Patient/Client relations is a formal complaint system and creates a documentation of your complaint and they are required to follow up with you. (SBH, SOGH, HSCIERHANHRSHRPMH and the WRHA)

If you have very specific issues around care from a particular nurse, you can make a formal complaint to the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba here or the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba here. If you have complains about a physician, you can direct complaints to the College of Physicians & Surgeons here.

Other information about complaints is provided by the Manitoba government here.

There is also the Manitoba Ombudsman – website link is here.