Nutrition Tools

Nutrition Tools


Here is a list of apps you may want to consider when managing your kidney diet. Always consult with your kidney dietitian for more detailed advice on managing a kidney-friendly diet.

My Food Coach (Free) Available for: iPhone, iPad, Android

A great app that helps you manage all of your kidney friendly needs by offering personalized nutrition information. This app allows you to get creative with food by providing recipes, ingredients and full meal plans.

H2Overload: Fluid Control for Heart-Kidney Health (Free) Available for: iPhone, iPad

This app was created for people who need to limit their fluid intake. It allows you to track your daily fluid intake, weight and blood pressure.

Healthy Kidneys Grocery List: A Perfect Diet Foods Shopping List ($2.79) Available for: iPhone, iPad

Grocery shopping made easy!! Provides a shopping list that can be followed during any phase of your kidney friendly diet to help you better manage your kidneys.

iSodium ($3.99) Available for: iPhone, iPad

Rates foods based on sodium content

Managing Gout (Free) Available for: iPhone, iPad

Provides you with easy access to tools and information on nutrition, lifestyle and medication to help you manage your gout and protect your kidneys.

My Fitness Pal (Free) Available for: iPhone, iPad, Android

Chronic kidney disease patients can use this app to keep track of their daily nutrient intake. It is an easy way to track your protein and mineral intake (potassium, phosphorous and salt).

Kidney APPetite (Free) Available for: iPhone, iPad

An easy to use app that allows you to customize your kidney friendly meal plans to match your nutrient guidelines and help you track your daily fluid intake.

iPotassium ($3.99) Available for: iPhone, iPad

Rates foods based on their potassium content.


BC Renal Agency has produced a series of videos about kidney-friendly grocery shopping. Our dietitians think the series could be helpful for patients looking for more information about the kidney diet. There are nine videos in total.

Check out the first video in the series here: