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June 30, 2011 | News, Staff News

eGFRIn fall of 2010, Manitoba Renal Program began implementing GFR reporting province-wide to track the kidney health of patients and encourage prevention and early detection of Chronic Kidney Disease.

Whenever a patient’s creatinine (blood test) is ordered, laboratories will automatically report GFR. Using GFR, physicians or nurse practitioners can determine an individual’s kidney health. GFR numbers are categorized into five stages and if needed, referral and management guidelines can be followed to determine next steps for the individual. More information and referral guidelines can be found on the eGFR section of the website.
*It should be noted that in exceptional cases, a patient’s GFR may not accurately reflect their kidney health. Additional tools would be utilized to determine the patient’s kidney health.
GFR stand for glomerular filtration rate, a rate that is calculated using creatinine level (blood test), age and sex. In some cases additional tests, such as urine and blood pressure, may be needed to further evaluate an individual’s kidney health.
GFR is being utilized as one of the tools health-care providers use to determine a patient’s risk of developing chronic kidney disease. The goal in implementing automatic reporting of GFR is to have increased kidney-disease screening and to catch at-risk individual’s before their kidneys are severely damaged.
Check out the eGFR section of the website.

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