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Vascular Access Nurse – St. Boniface Hospital

What her nominator said:

“Colleen has a true calling for health care.  She always puts her patients first and they love her for it. As you know, vascular access is the lifeline of a dialysis patient and Colleen protects our patients’ access fiercely, advocating for necessary procedures even when procedure time is scarce.  Colleen is so dedicated to her patients that it is not uncommon for her to come into work on a day off to help out when other staff cannot be found to fill in her role.  Colleen is an absolute treasure to our program!”


Colleen truly is a lifeline for dialysis patients at St. Boniface Hospital. She helps patients establish their access whether it be a vascular access for hemodialysis or a catheter for peritoneal dialysis. Without a functioning access, dialysis is not possible.
She said that a guiding principle for her is treating patients in an empathetic way.

“If it was my parent, I’d want them to have good care. I’d hope that somebody would maybe step forward and give a little extra.”

She’s been nursing for 20 years, starting her career in North Dakota before gaining an opportunity back in her home town of Winnipeg. She’s been a long-time St. Boniface Hospital nurse. She said building relationships with patients has been a highlight for her.

“I like the fact you get to know the people.” She spent years as a hemodialysis nurse before taking on the vascular access position.

“It was an opportunity to learn more.” She said that every day brings challenges and rewards. She will get calls and have to arrange for urgent procedures for new patients or patients transitioning from one type of dialysis to another.

“Every day is different. Every day is a new challenge.” She works hard to support these patients and help them through the transition.

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