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Nurses of Manitoba Renal Program – Celebrating Renal Nurses
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Our nurses are a diverse group and make up a huge part of Manitoba Renal Program’s workforce and health-care teams. Within our program nurses provide front-line care, education and training for both staff and patients, home visits to support patients as well as community education and outreach. They are also managers and directors and run units and programs.
Our nurses work with patients during different points of their kidney disease journey. Nurses help educate and monitor patients with earlier stages of kidney disease. When patients need to start dialysis, nurses help educate and care for patients using in-centre hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and home hemodialysis whether it be in Winnipeg, Brandon or one of our 16 local renal health centres.

“Thank you for choosing renal nursing and being a part of the Manitoba Renal Program team. As a specialty, renal nursing is both challenging and rewarding. Your care makes a positive difference in the quality of all our patients and their families lives. You are appreciated!” – Betty Lou Burke, Program Director, MRP

All week we are posting profiles of some our amazing nursing staff so you can read what they have to say about being a renal nurse and get to know some of our team members. This handful of nurses alone has over 180 years of nursing experience and a range of life experiences.
While everyone had something different to say about renal nursing, a recurring theme is the unique opportunity to build relationships with patients over the months and years during which they are on dialysis and part of our program. Over the course of a year, in-centre hemodialysis patients will spend over 700 hours in our units with our nurses, so you can imagine the relationship between patient and care provider is significant.
While it is nurses week May 9 – May 13, we would also like to acknowledge all the physicians, allied health care team members, technologists, support staff and many more who help us provide quality kidney health care to an ever-growing number of individuals with kidney disease. We know that our program is busy and growing and we appreciate all the hard work done to ensure everyone gets the care they need.

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