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September 14, 2016 | News, Staff News

While Manitoba Renal Program provides kidney health care for individuals from all across Manitoba, new dialysis patients start their hemodialysis treatment in Winnipeg or Brandon. To ensure continued access for new dialysis patients, we may transfer other suitable dialysis patients to another dialysis centre. This transfer might be to another dialysis centre in Winnipeg or a dialysis centre in another regional health authority.

Please be aware that if you live within a regional health authority outside of Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, it is possible your care will be transferred to one of our dialysis centres in your health region. When choosing patients to transfer from one dialysis unit to another, the health care team takes into consideration many factors.
These include the patient’s medical stability, length of time the patient has been on dialysis and the patient’s postal code. We understand that transferring to another site is a change but please know you will still receive the highest quality kidney health care. Nurses manage patient care and liaise with doctors weekly and as needed to ensure all local centre patient care is managed appropriately. You can find a list of local centres here.
We will do our best to give you as much notice as possible and help you resolve any concerns before the transfer. We try our best to accommodate your wishes but in order to provide care to all our patients your dialysis times and days, as well as your dialysis unit, may have to change. Thank you for your understanding. Please feel free to speak to any member of your health care team if you have any questions or concerns. You can also speak to a unit manager.

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