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May 2021 | News, Staff Profiles

Paul John Bejarin is incredibly proud to be a hemodialysis nurse. He works at St. Boniface hospital in the hemodialysis unit.

“Every shift is one more accomplishment for me and my fellow nurses,” he says. “We all know caring is the essence of nursing. I am happy to celebrate Nursing Week.”

Paul’s enthusiasm has likely made a difference for his patients. He admits he found himself acting as a cheerleader for his patients, particularly during the beginning of the pandemic. While he and his colleagues felt overwhelmed as the pandemic loomed and so much was unknown about COVID-19, he knew patients needed support more than ever.

“I encouraged them to follow the protocols and follow the guidelines,” he explains. As the year unfolded, Paul says a clearer path came forward.

“A year later, we are used to all these protocols.”

Paul’s personal journey has also seen some twists and turns. While he always wanted to be a nurse, he became a veterinarian while still in the Philippines and eventually worked with the Manitoba Pork Council for seven years. In 2010 he went to Red River College and achieved his Bachelor of Nursing before starting to work at the Grace Hospital.

Paul made his way to hemodialysis in 2017 and eventually started at the St. Boniface Hospital dialysis unit. He says hemodialysis nursing is rewarding for him.

“I know I am providing a lifeline. I know that I am making a difference.”

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