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May 2012 | News, Staff News

Across the country, National Nursing Week is being celebrated. All our staff work extremely hard and our nurses are no exception. We would like to take this opportunity, during National Nursing Week, to thank them for all their contributions. While in many cases a nurse’s interaction with a patient can be limited, nurses working with renal patients can really get to know the people they care for. With in-centre hemodialysis patients coming in three times a week or patients visiting the renal health clinic regularly, the relationships that build can be significant. Here’s what some of our patients had to say about our hard-working nursing staff:
“There are so many ways that the nurses and all the dialysis staff have affected my life. They have made my dialysis treatments a positive experience and they do all they can to make me comfortable and happy. I feel like they are family and I look forward to seeing them each time Thank you to all the devoted nurses and dialysis staff!”
“I’m alive today because of their work with me. I call them all angels for angels are people who help us on earth to stay alive.”
“The nurses that take care of me are very special. They are there for me when I have had a bad day and I just want them to listen to me. They are there when I am cramping so bad – they hold me to comfort me. They are there for me when I am feeling down by cheering me up with laughter. They make me feel good about myself when they praise me for how far I’ve come since the first day of dialysis. I feel like you are my second family, and without you I couldn’t do this. Thank you for everything you do for me. I love all of you! Very special people!”
“Since I’ve been in here everyone is caring and do all they can for you. Smiles on their faces, ‘good mornings and ‘have a good day’ are always said by a lot. They are friendly and even joke with you and understand your problems and try to help you as they possible, and laugh with you as well.”
“All of you are so very great and kind. Thank you so much for your caring. All of you are so incredible.”
“They nurses are very friendly, helpful and kind. I thank you for your support and wish you all the best is your service and dedication to serve whole-heartedly.”
“I have received great care all the time when I come in, whether it is in treatment or just to talk to. During the time when I got really sick, they were very helpful and compassionate and it was comforting. They would do their best to help you… All the nurses are really great.”
“They are good listeners and can make you feel relaxed when our stress is very high being looked after for over three years, I’m very happy with treatment by everyone. Thank you!”
“Patients are at a vulnerable stage in their lives. With the presence of nurses – their act of caring and undivided attention – gives the feeling of security we so desperately need… They go about their act of caring in a quiet and deliberate fashion. Nurses deliver peace of mind.”

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