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December 2017 | Recipes

Ground Turkey       1 pound or 454g
Onion                        1 small, finely chopped
Celery                       ½ cup finely chopped
White Bread            2 slices, finely chopped
Egg                             1
Black Pepper            ¼ tsp
Garlic Powder          ½ tsp Poultry Seasoning ½ tsp
Vegetable oil   1 tbsp


  1. In a bowl, mix turkey, onion, celery, bread, egg and
  2. Shape mixture into 4
  3. In a large frying pan, heat oil over medium heat. Add patties. Cook 4 minutes on each
  4. Turn heat to medium low. Add ½ cup water and simmer for 8- 10 minutes. Water will

Yield:               4 servings. Each serving = 3 protein choices
Per Serving:    19g protein, 272 mg potassium, 199mg phosphorus, 333 mg sodium, 214 calories
Variation:        Instead of patties, shape mixture into 20 meatballs.

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