Renal Staff: Print Materials & Educational Tools

These materials are for use by Manitoba renal staff and are primarily designed for use with renal patients.

Video for people with early stage CKD:

Watch: English Video

Watch: Cree Narration Video

Watch: Ojibway Narration Video

Peritoneal Dialysis *Updated*

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Home Hemodialysis *Updated*

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Please note that only renal staff in Manitoba can request these materials with some exceptions for general/outreach educational materials. This form is to request materials from MRP Communications. Click the images to view the full documents. Enter the desired quantity and submit your form by clicking ‘submit’ at the bottom of the form.

For sites wishing to print using HSC Printing and form numbers below, contact HSC Printing Services.

  • Kidney Health Clinic

  • Poster for renal and dialysis environments.18"x24"
  • To order: This form or HSC PRINTING W-00666
    This materials is sent with letters indicating initial appointments in the clinic and provides an idea of what to expect.
  • To order: This form or HSC PRINTING W-00652
    Tips for preserving healthy veins for those with all stages of kidney disease

  • To order: This form or HSC PRINTING W-00654
    Identifying patient needs/restrictions for other health treatment (in case of emergency)

  • To order: This form or HSC PRINTING W-00653

  • (approx. 11 per box)

  • Cookbook

  • 28 per box

  • 54 per box

  • Home Dialysis

  • 150 per box
    A promotional booklet showcasing PD and HHD relevant to patients in later stage kidney disease considering modalities. FAQs and overviews of both types of dialysis.
  • Poster for clinic/dialysis environments 11" x 17"

  • In-centre Dialysis

  • Booklet for new or close to starting in-centre hemodialysis patients
  • Brochure required for all patients explaining possibility of transfer to other dialysis locations
  • Poster for clinic/dialysis areas 11"x17"

  • Brochure for patients about the process of transitioning to a Local Renal Health Centre

  • Exercise

  • Single-panel brochure for patients/waiting rooms

  • Biking on Dialysis Poster 11"x 17"

  • KidneyFit Class Poster (formerly Lean Keen Kidney Machines) - 11"x 17"

  • Nurse Recruitment

  • Brochure to recruit dialysis nursing staff

  • French brochure to recruit dialysis nursing staff

  • General Public Prevention & Primary Care

  • Brochure for kidney health educational events
  • Brochure for the general public/at-risk populations
  • Worksheet for general public/ at-risk populations
  • – for engagement/booths
    Pad of 25

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